Friday, June 8, 2018

Get rid of acne naturally

Acne occurs due to excess oil, dead skin cells or bacteria on the skin.  Acne happens when these pores get blocked with oil and dead skin cells which forms sticky glue and this causes pimples and is a main problem especially among the teenagers.  The main causes of acne are the buildup of bad bacteria, taking excess sugar, drinking chlorinated water and taking antibiotic drugs and birth control pills.

To get rid of acne avoid sugar and also reduce fruit intake; instead have a sugar free natural sweetener and raw honey. Also eliminate grains and processed food which cause inflammation of the intestinal tract and have glutton free grains as healing the digestive system clears the skin.  Have healthy fats, high fiber foods like sprouted nuts and seeds, vegetables, high quality protein, which helps to get rid of acne.  Include healthy fiber, protein, and fat into your diet which helps remove toxins and clears your skin.

Avoid caffeinated foods like coffee, tea, cola and chocolates. Unnecessary intake of fatty foods can increase the sebum production to secrete the excess fats and an increase of oil glands in the skin pores can lead to acne formation.  Hence it is important to eat foods that are high in good cholesterol. Decrease the intake of these foods to achieve a clear skin as what you eat affects the function of your body.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Foods that cause acne

Acne is a very painful skin condition, both on a physical and emotional level and it affects teenagers and can appear at various stages of life.    Having an unhealthy diet can affect your skin or environmental toxins can also lead to acne breakouts.  The best way to stop acne is by drinking lots of water and keeping your body hydrate and to keep your pores clean to avoid clogging.

Diet is very important as the type of food that you eat affects your body.  Too much salt is bad for your health as it can irritate the skin and cause new breakouts.  Too much salt affects the cardiovascular as well as circulatory system and can increase blood pressure.  Foods that are high in salts are cheese, luncheon meats, ham, bacon, junk food artificial sweeteners to name a few.

Excessive intake of fatty foods can increase the sebum production and an increase of oil glands in the skin pores that can lead to acne formation due to increased fat deposition.   Eat less fat and foods that high in good cholesterol like high fiber foods and fish such as tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel to avoid any acne problems.  Have less of coffee, tea, cola and chocolates to stop acne formation.

There are effective anti-acne herbal supplements that help overcome acne problems in a safe way.  They are made of herbs and natural ingredients which clear out acne completely and promote a fresh and clear complexion – know more

Monday, April 16, 2018

Acne care in a natural way

Acne, an inflammatory skin condition caused by the clogging of hair follicles with oil and dead cells, is the most widespread skin condition that affects ones personality and lowers self confidence.   The major causes are excessive sebum   production, clogging of the hair follicles with the sebum, bacteria invasion and hormonal changes.

It is important to wash the affected areas daily, avoid using oily creams, avoid scrubbing the affected areas, do not squeeze to pluck an acne as this may lead to scar formation, reduce intake of chocolates and skimmed milk.  Keep yourself hydrated by drinking 7-8 glasses of water every day as it keeps the body free from toxins and do exercises regularly as it keeps the skin pores open due to sweating and this reduces the occurrence of acne.

Use a natural product like anti acne supplement which work inside out and they do not have side effects unlike other synthetic creams.     Natural acne supplement contain herb extracts which attack acne internally and externally, clears all signs of acne and eliminates the various forms of acne including whiteheads, lesions, dead skin, dull skin texture and pimples.  Try safe and effective herbal supplement for acne and protect your skin from bacteria invasion.  Keep your skin acne free and glowing

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Enjoy complete skin wellness, free of acne

Acne has become a very common problem for most people and this is the reason that the market is filled with numerous products claiming to stop acne.  It is important to have a healthy skin as it keeps us radiant and fresh and stops germs from entering in.  Acne occurs in both adolescents and adults and the skin becomes red, there are blackheads, whiteheads, pimples due to this problem.  The causes can be due to hormones, genetics and stress.  Deficiency in vitamins and minerals can also cause acne.

Natural remedy for acne is very effective and safe as prescription medications may have numerous side effects which can be more worrisome than the acne itself.  Herbal supplements are very helpful to alleviate and overcome acne problems with no side effects.  It naturally clears the skin and works in clearing your complexion. Acne herbal supplements are formulated using extracts of herbs that work from the inside out, detoxify your body, reduces inflammation and stop acne and its reoccurrence. These supplements also restores the natural tone of the skin and helps in eradicating bacterial infection  It clears all signs of acne and eliminates the various forms of acne including whiteheads, lesions, dead skin, dull skin texture and pimples and improves the person’s appearance and self confidence.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Natural Remedy for Acne

More and more people are turning to herbal remedies for dealing with their acne problems as they are safe without any side effects unlike the prescription drugs which have the risk of potential side effects and do not go deep into the cause of it.  Natural ingredients are not harsh on the body and are more affordable and help you to maintain the health of your body.

Acne normally results if there is an imbalance in the body and It is possible that your body is not receiving enough nutrients, vitamins, minerals or liquids. The other cause may be the environmental toxins.  Due to fast foods available today and emotional stress, we tend to overlook proper diet, exercise, and a stress free life.

The most effective natural remedy for acne will be to include an herbal supplement for acne and lead a healthy lifestyle.    These pills can help heal your acne and make your skin acne free and glowing. For more information on which natural anti acne herbal remedy visit which helps improve your acne condition.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Easy and effective remedies for acne and pimples

Acne which is very common among the youth is a very common skin condition but can affect anyone. There are many skin care products to clear acne but it is better to rely on natural remedies as they are safe with no side effects.   Do not squeeze your pimples with your hands as it can spread and leave scars.  Constipation also leads to acne hence it is important to keep your bowels clean.

Olive oil is applied on the face clears pimples, acne and scars.  Nutmeg also helps clear acne; just make a paste of nutmeg and raw milk and apply the paste on the affected area and after it dries wash with lukewarm water.  Another way is to rub the peel of a lemon on the face before you take a shower.  There are effective herbal anti acne supplements available which works inside out and helps clear acne and pimples in a safe way.  To learn more visit website

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Foods you should avoid that causes acne

Acne is a skin disorder and is most common among teenagers.  When acne appears on the face then a person is concerned and very particular about their physical looks.  The main cause for acne is eating the wrong type of foods.  Whatever you eat affects the body and hence it is important to have a proper diet.

Avoid eating processed food and they contain a large amount of salt which promotes acne breakouts.  Too much salt also is bad for health and causes high blood pressure.  Hence foods like cheese, ham, bacon, junk food, artificial sweeteners etc should be avoided to get an unblemished skin.  Eat less fatty foods as too much of it increases the sebum production and an increase of oil glands in the pores can lead to acne.  Have less of coffee, tea and even chocolates as these can cause acne.  It is important to take care and eat the right type of foods.

There are herbal anti acne supplements which help clear skin and solve the problem effectively.  Find out more about an effective herbal remedy and get a glowing clear blemish free skin.